Ohhh, heyy there!

(Please re-read that with the most Minnesotan accent you can drum up- because that is exactly how I say it ;) )

I'm Erin! & this is Hurley (my sweet 9 year old boxer fur babes). I'm a traveling, intimate wedding and adventurous couples photographer based in the Midwest & Hurls is a love-seeking cuddle-enthusiast, who spends her days doing hot laps or taking long naps on the couch. We are SUPER passionate about LOVE, and we are SO glad you're here.

I’m an adventurous, deep thinker, goofy, passionate, perfectly imperfect kind of gal who uses this to capture the beauty of your love story.

I seek authentic connection, raw emotion, the laughs, the in-between moments,

the real you. & the real me.

Over 10 years ago, I walked into my hometown golf course to work my first ever wedding (I was a banquet bartender). Almost every weekend for the next 6 years, I walked into that same golf course and shed far too many tears. & not for the reason you’re probably thinking. They were the overwhelming, melt your heart, happiness kind of tears. Whether it was witnessing the most intimate first looks, watching the ceremony and all the emotions from people I never met- (from a golf cart), the grand marches (that I literally had to hide in the back kitchen because I would start crying 🤦🏼‍♀️😂), the father speeches, the prayers, first dances, my gosh- you name it- a tear most likely fell down my face.

I fell in love with the authenticity of the day, the planning process, the butterflies a bride get's before she walks down the aisle or walks into a crowd of her favorite people cheering her on, & all the unexpected happy moments that come along with a wedding day. Here is where I found a passion I never knew existed, or would have never thought I would fall so in love with. I knew I wanted to pursue my career in the wedding industry. & Photography was where I found myself within it.